Top 5 Great Date Night Ideas for Bumble Dating Couples.

bumble date night ideas

Taking your newfound relationship from the website into the real world shouldn’t be that frightening. But to some people, they have to deal with doubts, worries, second-guessing, and even imposter syndrome. When on the, the conversation is usually about instant gratification and flashy surfaces. Everything is just one touch or swipe away, but in real life, things are different.

Most relationships these days start online. With numerous dating websites available out there, it is not hard to find love of your life or bumble casual hookups. But the first date in the real world can be awkward and uncomfortable. But if you based your relationship on strong communication, you can transform your love from Bumble dating site to the real world using these cool date night ideas below:

Top 5 Great Date Night Ideas for Bumble Dating Couples

Sip and Paint Night:

If both of you share an interest in crafting, you can have a sip-and-paint night virtually without the need to go out. All you need to make this happen is some paint, canvas or poster board, some markers and if you want, some glitter – and don’t forget the bottle of wine. This is something you can do right at home using the Bumble dating app. Once you are a match and started messaging, you will be presented with a "Date from Home" option, at the bottom of your conversation, asking if you are ready for a video call.

Once you have your supply for a sip and paint with your date, set up the painting zone. This could be a kitchen table or a dining table, either of which should be able to fit multiple easels. But if you are using a table, make sure to protect it from paint using a cloth. While it can take even more than 2 hours to create a painting, this activity can take pressure off the two of you. It is a social activity that will allow the two of you to laugh, talk, and enjoy yourselves. Also, when the two of you paint together, you will be able to shade off those stressors that you may be facing individually in your day-to-day life. The painting will bring the two of you together and allow you to feel comfortable and at ease in each other's presence.

Video/board game tournament:

If the two of you are gamers, you can leave Bumble dating and hop into Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom, or Twitch and enjoy an online video game. The amount of fun you two have will depend on the platform you choose to play the game on. For instance, Skype allows for a four-hour limit while the free Zoom version has only 40 minutes. If you invite other friends, maybe you should look at Google Meet, which allows up to 24 hours. Slack may not be the most ideal for you since you can only do one-to-one video calls on the free version.

Playing games with your Bumble partner is good for your relationships. The foundation of any game is either competition/strategy or cooperation. But before you recommend a game for date night, note that men tend to prefer competition or strategy games while women prefer learning or co-operation games, thus make sure you choose the right kind of game that will benefit the two of you for maximum and shared enjoyment if you want to have the desired results. If you are highly competitive, you can use the winner-takes-all method. The laughter and fun you will have during the game date will help bring the two of you together and abate any discomfort between the two of you.

Movie Marathon:

Another great idea for a date night for Bumble couples is a movie marathon. There are a plethora of streaming services today, including Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon, Netflix and so many more, which are filled with thrilling series and classic movies that the two of you two can knock out on-at-home date night. If you use Netflix, you can watch series or movies together in real-time using the popular Netflix Party browser extension, but if you use other services, consider downloading third-party applications such as Kast or TwoSeven.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Discord can also allow video calls and screen sharing, therefore if you have one of these applications, you can snuggle down, enjoy your favorite show and date night. Make sure you adequately plan for the movie marathon date night. The biggest mistake is not having a proper plan as this can lead to a disaster. What you want to do is enhance communication and schedule an appropriate time to watch the movie together. This is important especially if you are in different time zones. You can watch the same show together or simply binge-watch different shows together.

Don’t be tempted to watch a show to movie ahead and spoil the show for the other person. A virtual movie night can help strengthen your relationship and prepare the two of you for physical dates. A movie date night virtually will give you something to talk about with your couple.

Cook a meal together:

How about cooking a gourmet meal together for a date night? If you have a stocked fridge and cabinets and one of you has some culinary skills, you can make a great date night with a little cooking session.

You can cook an entire meal with your Bumble couple from scratch for up to 75 minutes. But just as with anything else in life, preparation will lead to a seamless operation. First, identify which type of food you two want to cook. Familiarize yourself with the tools required to prepare the meal as well as the virtual platform you will use. Zoom is the ideal platform and is effectively easy to use. Set up the angels properly so that the important activities are captured in the frame.

Enjoy a “show-and-tell” in your apartment:

This game involves asking yourselves questions like what is the most expensive thing you have ever purchased? What is that thing that you have owned for the longest time? What is the most worn-out piece of clothing you still comfortably wear out in public?

This is one way the two of you can get to know each other better intimately by discovering the weirdest stuff they own. If the two of you are comfortable with each other, you can make this game a little bit raunchier.


Just because you are in an area where there is a lockdown does not mean you can’t have a memorable date night with your Bumble dating partner. The ideas shared in this article are for virtual dates, assuming that you are unable to meet physically due to Covid-19 restrictions. Good thing is that you can still use these same ideas in physical world when the country is unlocked and everything is back to normal.


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