Is Bumble Dating Site for Hook-ups or Long-Term Relationships?

bumble dating site

Online dating has seen massive growth during the pandemic as people are no longer allowed to meet in person. Dating apps are thriving as everyone is heading indoors and isolating. According to a recent study, popular sites such as Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder, have gains more than 1.5 million active users in just one year. And in addition to the big brands that have been around for ages, we are also seeing hundreds of niche dating sites popping up, trying to take a portion of the market share from the big players. But your success in online dating depends on what kind type of site you choose.

One of the top 5 online dating website is It was found 7 years ago and has since undergone some massive rebranding to enable it to become the number one site for finding true relationships. The site claims “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”, meaning users are encouraged to swipe the app to find love. A few years ago, the app was acquired by dating site giant Match Group, and it was redesigned further to present itself as a site for true relationships and not just Bumble hookup.

The dating site has vowed to all singles who are bored with tepid swiping and who want real conversations, that their needs will be satisfied by Bumble dating. Bumble believes that none of the current top 20 dating sites helps users find a serious relationship, instead, they advocate for tedious swiping. As a result, Bumble has been designing and redesigning their app to make sure single people who are looking for serious relationships are catered for.

But is Bumble date for serious relationships or it still for hookups?

There is no denying that Bumble makes a pretty compelling case for serious relationships over casual hookups and was designed was promoting relationships. And because of this, the app encourages users to be as much authentic as possible. It allows users to add tidbits to their profiles, such as lifestyle habits, or complete the app's monthly prompts.

How does Bumble dating work?

Generally speaking, Bumble works pretty similar to other dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge. Once you sign up, you will be presented with a list of other users based on the criteria you chose including physical proximity, age, and gender. If you like a profile, they will like you back and you are automatically matched. Once you are matched, you can message one another.

One of the best things about Bumble dating site is that you can import photos and personal information from Facebook, which makes it easier to sign up. But Bumble dating is completely different from Tinder and other dating sites. Whereas Tinder presents you with an infinite stream of users close to you, Bumble gives you a hand-picked list. Matches still trickle regularly, but at a slower rate compared to Tinder. However, in a bid to help you get into a serious relationship, Bumble connects you only with people you share friends with on Facebook.

What makes Bumble a dating app for a serious relationship?

As we already know, Bumble dating is on a mission to help elite singles get true love through the site. As a result, the site has some cool features that can help you find love rather than just casual hookups. There is no place for hookups on Bumble dating. Here is what makes Bumble a standout website for serious relationships.

Easy to start a convo

To access your suggested matches on Bumble, just head over to the “Discover” part of the site, and if you like what you see, click that heart icon. You can also leave a comment on a photo, profile, or video as well as send a virtual flower to show interest. If the person likes you or comment back, you are matched and you can start a conversation straightaway. Just as with other dating sites, there are premium and free users. The latter can like a maximum of 10 profiles a day. If you are not intrigued by a profile, just hit the “X” button and the next profile will immediately pop up.

Easy-to-Use Filters

This feature allows you to screen your matches based on your account type and how complete your profile is. For free members, you can filter your matches using criteria such as age range, my neighborhood, maximum religion, and ethnicity among others. However, preferred members have a wide range of options when it comes to Bumble Filters, including children, height, drinking, smoking, family plans, and politics among many others.

Standouts feed

There is this feature on Bumble called “Standouts”. When you access this section, you will see a special list of users, around 10, who are recommended based on the data the app’s algorithm gathers while interacting with the “Discover” feature. Standouts are “profiles whose prompts are getting the most attention” on Bumble, meaning if you reach out to them, they will get back to your promptly.

Is Bumble dating cheap or Expensive?

Bumble offers two of the best Tinder features for free, i.e. you can see who liked your profile and you can swipe from just about anywhere in the world. Generally, Bumble’s premium subscription is quite affordable compared to other dating sites since the app doesn’t offer lots of meaningless benefits. It is focused on helping users find love.

Pros and Cons of Bumble dating


  • It is incredibly affordable compared to other dating sites on the market, thus making it easier for members to find serious relationships.

  • You can access most of the other sites’ premium features for free on Bumble, such as swiping from any place on the planet as well as seeing profiles that have liked you.

  • You show interest by commenting or liking a profile or photo. This removes the need for sending icebreaker messages like on other dating sites.

  • Unlike Hinge and Tinder, matches and conversations don’t expire on Bumble, thus you won’t miss a connection.


  • Most of the great features of Bumble are on premium membership, which is quite low-priced still compared to other sites.


Remember that if you are looking for a long-term relationship on, look at the profiles of your matches since they will indicate their intentions for signing up with the website. Some are not open for serious relationships while others are open to it. But generally speaking, Bumble is perhaps the best dating site for finding a serious relationship today.


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